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Package:                     Price:

Lifeline Pak                   $56.30

Basic Pak                      $87.05

Extended Basic Pak        $106.80


          Premium Paks

HBO                          $20.50

Starz/Encore              $11.25

Cinemax                    $11.25


Unlimited Local & Long Distance, Call Waiting, Caller Id, Call Forwarding ....$44.95


Speed                Price

1mb/512k          $29.95    5mb/2mb           $42.95

25mb/4mb         $59.95    

50mb/4mb         $129.95

100mb/25mb      $179.95

*Have the same upload & download speed for $10 extra*

Please see our brochures about our bundling options


Advertise your business or event.  Or just wish your family and friends a Happy Birthday or Anniversary.

Weekly charge- $15.00
Monthly charge- $40.00
Birthday & Anniversary- $1.50 Per Day
Non-profit announcement - FREE

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