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Seasonal Service 

Seasonal Service With Fiber you get to choose your own months of service. Reconnect months to choose from are March - July. Reconnect days of the month are only 15th of the month of your choosing. suspension months to choose from are August - February. Suspension days of the month are only the 14th of the month of your choosing. Services have to be actively on for a minimum of 5 months.
Example: reconnect May 15th & suspend October 14th.

*  There will be a $5 per month per service suspension fee that is billed monthly.
*  When service is activated customer will receive full monthly bills.
*  Customer gets to keep all equipment and will not have to pay a reconnect fee.
*  You can turn your seasonal services on earlier for $40.00.
RF service runs from April 15th - October 14th (For current RF seasonal customers) If you decide to stay longer than October 14th we can easily extend your service on a monthly basis.   This service will be billed to you on February 15th every year and you have two options for payment:

•One payment due April 1st •Three payments due April 1st, May 1st and June 1st  (there is an additional $24 charge)
•If you extend your service, the monthly charge is due upon extension
•You keep all the equipment
•You only receive one bill
•Your service is automatically turned on April 15th and turned off October 14th
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