Ready to Apply

Here you will find all the information needed for  service.                                   Also some tips on what is needed to complete the application process.


* To have all applications signed and filled out accordingly.

* Payment for your 1st full billed month of the services you chose. If you did not sign a 2 year agreement or 4 year Seasonal agreement we will also need the installation charges along with the 1st full month, as well as any deposits required.

* If paying by Credit Card please fill out the Auto-pay form and mark if you would like to be put on monthly auto-pay or just a onetime charge.  


You have a few options on getting us your application:

Fax to:      315-324-5917                      

E-Mail to:    

Mail to :     Castle Cable TV              

                   P.O. Box 339

                   Hammond, NY 13646

we are only a phone call away